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Services range from free to premium,

Because help and support should be for everyone. 


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Free Support


Online and Face to Face

Eating Disorder Support Groups run on an ad-hoc basis. 

These are announced via the mailing list. 



Emotional Abuse Support Groups run on an ad-hoc basis. 

These are announced via the mailing list. 


Nutrition - Fitness - Mindset - Health - Wellness - Style - Lifestyle

This channel is dedicated to physical and mental health.

Videos are released by request! Got a question or video topic suggestion?

Contact me and let me know what you'd like to see!

It includes information, advice and tips which incorporate my knowledge of therapy, nutrition, personal training, coaching, and image consultancy. Other related topics are also covered, and suggestions are welcome. 

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Life-changing Products and Recommendations

Stay tuned for Binge Eating and Mental Health specific product recommendations, 

Including Gadgets for the Cooking, Workouts, and Lifestyle Routines, Books and helpful resources, as well as codes and discounts for external products and resources. 

These recommendations and links are based on non-affiliated products that have helped my clients and myself with their recovery. 



Wellness and Recovery

What Sessions Entail:

I offer Skype coaching sessions, tailored to your own needs.

I blend my knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and mindset to offer a bespoke one-stop-shop solution. 

While I can touch upon image consultancy in these sessions, this will properly need to be done in person. 

Coaching Sessions = £500 for a block of 5 (45 minute slots, subject to time availability).

Coaching Sessions can include the following:

Binge Eating Consultancy -  I help people have their cake and eat it.

Can you eat large meals, graze all day, and still feel healthy and happy?

Yes, and I can help you achieve that. 

Weight Loss Consultancy - I am often approached by those who don't have an eating disorder, but would like help with their comfort eating.  This is a unique program devised for those who need to re-learn habits and make long term lifestyle changes that work. 

Emotional Abuse Consultancy - This coaching is geared towards helping you identify gaslighting, set boundaries, and take steps to free yourself from your abuser(s). 

Chronic Illness Consultancy -

Here, we focus on things that can help alleviate pain and other symptoms.

This includes methods of stress reduction, as well as elimination diets to see if any foods are currently worsening your symptoms. 

This is intended alongside your medical routine, not to replace it. Chronic illnesses can be complicated and if you are autoimmune or have an illness like CFS or Fibromyalgia, it is important to explore this from all avenues. 

Image Consultancy = £POA (Dependent on service required).

The price of this service depends on several factors. These include image consultancy, colour analysis, personal shopping, online, face to face, travel time and distance for physical locations, and amount of time required. 

This service is typically offered following the completion of a separate service above, once the client feels happier and more confident within themselves.

Occasionally, reduced scholarship prices, or pro bono sessions might be offered to those who can't otherwise afford it. 

These special sessions are announced via my mailing list.