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"Hi, I'm Dima, and I specialise in helping corporate women who binge eat, to achieve health and happiness through a bespoke lifestyle.


The problem I see today is that most binge eaters have been taught to fight against their body’s natural signals and cravings. They have not yet realised it is possible to continuously graze and eat constant large amounts, satisfy cravings, and still be healthy (without weight gain as a side effect!).


They are frustrated because they blame themselves when they lose control over their bingeing.

They can’t seem to curb their cravings, and this leads to weight gain, which greatly affects their mental and physical health.


But I have a solution. Using my 5 step methodology of psychology, nutrition, fitness, style, and support, I teach people how to enjoy a sustainable eating and exercise regime that they love, and to feel great within their own body, leaving them healthy, happy, confident, and full of life."

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Simon, Croydon

As a health professional myself, I can honestly say that Dima is an inspiration for anyone looking to improve their health, wellbeing, and self esteem!

Amna, London

As someone who has struggled with weight and been an unsuccessful dieter for most of my adult life, I have found Dima's approach life changing.

Dima was able to probe into the reasons of why I overeat and I feel my sessions are not only improving me physically, but mentally too.


In addition, Dima is a sweet and compassionate person who genuinely cares about her clients. I feel like my goals are as important to her as they are to me

Sophie, Winchester

Dima is truly wonderful and perfectly balances being supportive and encouraging with challenging disordered thoughts and behaviours. She always achieves this with such gentleness, love and acceptance, which allows you to feel safe and supported no matter what you're specific situation is.

Cheryl, London

I knew I had to do something about my weight and body image for a long time and before meeting with Dima, I hadn't really talked to anyone about my concerns. I'd been down the conventional route of joining a gym, and although I'd had personal training sessions they don't go into nutrition or body confidence.

I really enjoyed the one on ones, Dima was really easy to talk to and actually listened to my concerns. Once we covered my current eating habits, how I was exercising, and the areas I wanted to work on, she worked out a individual plan to fit my needs.

The fact that I could still have treats was a bonus! As no food was off the menu, I didn't have that constant battle... If you're told you can't have something, it always makes you want it more! 

We worked on what I could do even with my knee problem and fat burning exercises. I learned more in those sessions than I had in my years of going to the gym!

Due to a knee injury, I've struggled with my weight over the years. I've tried all the fad diets, and even though I did get temporary results with them, it didn't change my relationship with food so the yo-yoing continued.

I was going to the gym but not really getting anywhere and spending more time in the spa!

I'd have "time off" my version of being healthy, and end up binge-eating on fast food which then caused more weigh gain and the cycle would start again.


Since finishing, I've managed to improve my relationship with food and I haven't put any restrictions on what I can eat. .


I've changed my relationship with my body as well, rather than putting myself down and obsessing over the things I can't change, I now look for the positives, and things that used to bother me aren't an issue any more.


I feel so much healthier and happier, and its definitely down to the coaching. I've learned so much about myself in that short space of time, I'm so glad I got the help I needed and now I can continue with the strength of knowing I can do this!"