About Dima

"I believe that health and happiness are basic human rights".

Hi, I'm Dima and my passion is giving people their life back. 


My philosophy is that help should be accessible for all. For this reason, I work internationally (over Skype), and offer free resources in addition to my private client work.

I help clients go from fearing food, to excitedly planning their next meal.

My recovery approach is multifactorial, and combines Mindset, Nutrition, Exercise, Self Image, and Support. What makes my approach unique is that it gets results. I have taken on binge eaters who were exhausted and on the verge of giving up (most of which had tried many other professionals, and many diets and fixes over the years). They found that my methods gave them their life, passion, happiness and freedom back.

One reason it works so efficiently, is that I am a "one-stop shop". This means, as a qualified Nutritionist, Therapist, Personal Trainer, Coach, and Image Consultant, my clients don't have to go to several places, or re-explain themselves to several professionals, because they are able to do it all with me.

Furthermore, because I specialize in Binge Eating, I am not a general practitioner in these fields, and have honed in on what works (and filtered out what doesn't) for binge eaters.


What that means for my clients is:

  • Nutrition that is directly focused on healthy binge eating.

  • Fitness that focuses on achievable exercise routines you'll stick to for life.

  • Image consultancy that looks at the way clothing influences body dysmorphia, how you feel in changing rooms, and how you look in pictures and in the mirror.

  • Mindset that tackles all areas of your life, learning how to cope with difficulties not just related to binge eating.

By combining psychotherapy, CBT, and coaching techniques with nutrition, fitness and image consultancy, clients are able to recover by tackling all areas of their lives.

This includes everything from deep-rooted past issues, to solving current problems, planning for the future, and learning how to eat and work out in a binge eating friendly way. Clients also learn how clothes influence the way they see themselves, and most importantly, how to tackle all areas of their life, learning how to cope with difficulties not just related to binge eating.

This means that my clients don't just learn how to make peace with food, but they also learn how to conquer all sorts of life challenges.

As part of their recovery process, my clients have gone on to better their lives in all sorts of ways. I've seen everything from changing a career path, to moving countries, to becoming a lingerie model!

While many of them have been shocked at how such an unrelated change has helped, they soon see that all areas of life can be related to and contribute to their eating disorder. Making changes in seemingly non-related life areas is a natural part of healing and recovery.


In addition to my niche, I have worked with clients of all ages, genders, and disordered eating backgrounds. This includes not just binge eaters, but those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and even general struggles with comfort eating or their diet. I receive regular calls from men who binge eat, and also parents seeking support for their bulimic or anorexic children.

Some resources to check out include my YouTube content, a Free Binge Eating Class, Facebook Support, and a Meetup Group.

Pro Bono sessions are also offered, and are announced on my mailing list or to my YouTube subscribers when available.

My Clients,My Eating Struggles, and My Experience.

About My Clients

Clients come to me from all walks of life, with one main goal: To fix their unhealthy relationship with food, and feel good about themselves again. 

I myself have spent decades and many tens of thousands of pounds on my own personal journey with achieving inner peace and happiness with food.

It is thanks to this experience and knowledge, that I have narrowed those down to techniques that will work for you, at a fraction of that cost, and in a fraction of that time. 

Clients come to me feeling exhausted, depressed, and sick.

Sick of being told that their weight isn't good enough, sick of being told it represents their self worth and value, sick of being scrutinised by others, and sick of blaming themselves.

They're exhasted of trying diet after diet, the weight loss (and compliments), followed by weight gain (and self loathing). They've tried over the counter quick fixes, nutritionists, personal trainers, exercise DVDs, weight loss pills, "miracle" exercise gadgets, food restriction, not eating after 8pm, cutting out carbs, and fats, and fried foods, and processed foods, and not socialising with friends for fear of "breaking" their "diet", along with a multitude of other methods. But they didn't work. In fact if anything, they put more weight back on than they'd lost!

These techniques didn't work for me, didn't work for my clients, and most likely, haven't worked for you (otherwise you wouldn't be here, reading this, hoping for your next solution that will help).

About My Eating Struggles

As someone who has been there myself. I fully understand what it's like to experience weight gain, weight loss, yo-yo dieting, comfort eating, trying every fad diet or item available, unhealthy eating patterns, eating disorders, and depression.

I know how heartbreaking it feels to have those, who are meant to love you despite your weight or shape, come forward and disapprove of you, and offer "friendly advice" on "how to better yourself as a person", placing some self worth based on your weight. 


I am fortunate enough to have overcome my unhealthy food relationship. It has taken decades of my time, and many tens of thousands of pounds trying every technique, quick fix, diet, and of course many educational courses, but I have finally achieved it.


I am now at the point where I eat what I want, when I want, in the amount I want, without yo-yoing in weight, and all whilst maintainting my health!

And no, I don't believe in moderation. And I 100% support late night snacking. And over snacking. And eating "junk". And constantly grazing. 
And after the initial shock that all of this is possible, my clients fully support it too!

My Experience

My recovery was a long, difficult process, one I believe would have been shorter had one professional been on hand to help me with everything. A psychologist couldn't help with the physical aspects, a nutritionist wasn't able to deal with the mental side, nor my unhealthy food relationship, and a personal trainer didn't feel qualified enough to tackle any part of it. Having experienced this first hand, I aspired to be a "one stop shop" to help people just like myself.

This means I worked hard to offer clients a full package that delves into the psychology of their unhealthy food relationship, teach them how to eat and exercise in a way that is right for their physical and mental health, and also learn how to embrace their bodies and dress for their shape and skin tone, so they can feel confident in their own skin. 


From what I could see, there wasn't a degree or course out there that was successful with helping those with Eating Disorders. 

If anything, I was seeing distraught peers having relapse after relapse, and blaming themselves because they've been to every professional (with every prestigious academic qualification), tried every technique given to them, exhausted all their options, and felt like the blame lay on them for not improving.

In addition to my own personal experience, and results with friends, peers and clients, I have many practitioner level diplomas, CPD add-ons, and have trained under highly skilled and reputable professionals, choosing awarding bodies that are Ofqual (UK Government) regulated, I have utilized a combination of techniques from the professions I've studied, and through trial and error, reduced them down to what works for disordered eating. 

I've listed the relevant qualifications I have below.



I'm Level 3 Personal trainer, who also specialises in controlled conditions (ie, allowing doctors to refer patients to me). 
a) REPS Personal Trainer
(Level 3)

b) GP Exercise Referral for Special Controlled Conditions (Level 3)

c) Circuit Instruction
d) Indoor Cycling (spinning)

e) Personal Training Outdoors (Level 3)

e) Gym Fitness Instructor (Level 2)



I'm a Level 5 Nutritionist which specialises in fad dieting, comfort eating, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting. 
a) Dietary Supplements Advisor (Level 5)
b) Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (Level 4) 

c) Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner (Level 5)

d) Weight Loss Coaching

e) Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor (Level 5)

f)  ION Nutritional approaches to eating disorders and eating distress 




I am a level 4 Eating Disorders therapist, in addition to other therapies.
I mainly use Life Coaching and CBT techniques, but use additional approaches as and when I feel that clients need them. 
Eating Disorders Therapist (Level 4)

b) Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Level 3)

c) Psychotherapy (Level 3)

d) Mind and Body Coach 

e) Life Coach

f) Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

g) NLP Advanced Master Practitioner

h) Complete Mind Therapy 

i) Noesitherapy and Hypnotic Pain Control

j) Thought Field Therapy

k) Beat (UK charity) Group Facilitator Training Day 


Style & Beauty

I have trained under 3 different Image Consultants, in addition to 2 institutes, and have achieved real results from male and female clients learning to dress for their body shape and personality. 
a) Personal Shopper
b) Personal Styling and Image Consultancy for Women

c) Personal Styling and Image Consultancy for Men
d) Colour Analysis

e) Make Up Artist 

f) Extensions & Hair Styling Expert

g) Gel Nail Manicure & Nail Artist

h) Beauty Technician

i) Holistic Therapist

j) Acne Treatment & Care

k) Bridal & Special Occasions Makeup 


In addition to the above, I was very very fortunate to secure work experience in hospitals and surgery rooms when I was studying my Biomedical Sciences BSc. This experience included everything from hospital laboratories, performing daily patient rounds as an assistant GP, and experience as a 1st and 2nd assistant surgeon in everything from liposuction to hernia repairs to cancer removal!


It is from this invaluable hospital experience, and continued interest in the latest medical breakthroughs and latest science journal publications, that clients feel a real difference working with me. I have been able to spot warning signs of conditions including diabetes, arthritis, kidney infections, spinal conditions, among other red flags, that have helped clients get tests with their doctor and treat conditions in their early stages. Whilst this part of my job is not my qualification nor guaranteed, I like to step outside the box and help in any way I can. Wellness is not just about nutrition and fitness, and I make sure I try and tackle as many angles as possible.