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Make peace with food,

and learn to love yourself!

BED Resources.


Take back control over your life, 

and reclaim your freedom! 

Emotional Abuse Resources


My recovery from Fibromyalgia, CFS, Autoimmune Issues, and more.

Personal Vlog

"Hi, I'm Dima, and I'm passionate about helping people overcome obstacles I've

personally been through, and helped others with.

This includes Binge Eating Disorder, Emotional Abuse, and all the guilt, shame,

and self-doubt that comes with them. I'm also currently on a personal journey

of recovering from chronic illnesses, which I am documenting for others in a 

similar position. 

In addition to personal experience, I use my qualifications to bring elements

of psychology, nutrition, fitness, and style into the knowledge I give. 

In turn, building a complete life balance when it comes to tackling these very

complicated and difficult subjects.  


My goal is to teach people how to feel great within their own bodies, be confident

within their lives and choices, and feel healthy, happy, and full of life."

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